The Company

Tecnocab s.n.c. combines twenty years of experience in the field of electrical equipment with fast, safe and quality systems for the assembly of small and medium-sized electrical panels.

We produce electric motor starters for electric pumps, compressors, extractors, wood or metal working machines, small workshop machines (sanding machines, grinding wheels, cutting tools, drills), machines for processing and mixing food products.

The equipment is designed, wired and tested by our company, complete with circuit diagrams and test certificates.


Spare parts are available in stock, or interchangeable with products available from any wholesaler selling electrical equipment.

Changes or customizations to any of the electrical panels in our catalogue can be made, according to the needs of your company.

We also make control panels for industrial automation, providing the possibility of technical support, programming and implementation.

All this is possible due to a company structure made up of two departments: the first is equipped for the processing of cables and wires with automatic machines for cutting, numbering, stripping and crimping, the second is used for the design, production and testing of the finished electrical panel.


When possible the equipment is delivered directly by our company or otherwise by express courier, throughout Italy.

At all times we can guarantee any necessary assistance, in the case of problems or last-minute changes.